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No.217 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/07/11(Mon)16:02] 1310418165273.jpg (92618 B, 612x612) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
92618 B

Boop oop bee doop

New thread

No.218 : Anonymous [11/07/11(Mon)16:38] []

How was your weekend?

No.219 : Anonymous [11/07/11(Mon)16:50] []

Heard back from GG yet?

No.224 : Anon [11/07/11(Mon)21:31] []

keeping it groovy with the tie dye :D

No.225 : Anonymous [11/07/11(Mon)23:17] []

No.186 not slutty enough for suicide girls... to innocent for GG... Freckles=innocent pretty flower.... More Freckels please!!!!.... p.s. id marry Freckels if she wanted to

No.226 : Anonymous [11/07/11(Mon)23:51] []


Spoilers: She doesn't.

No.228 : Steve-O [11/07/12(Tue)00:09] []

You do have some lovely boops... :)

No.231 : Anonymous [11/07/12(Tue)03:21] []

yay! new freckles thread! any chance for some teaser pics from your GG app? :D

No.232 : Anonymous [11/07/12(Tue)15:02] []

Hey Freckles, are you going to be more active when you get a GG account? You're pretty and all, but i'd only be signing up for you, and I don't much fancy spending $20 a month for like 8 pictures, lol. Or will you be letting us ol' SFW familiars get them for free? D:

No.242 : Anonymous [11/07/15(Fri)01:22] []

How about just a tease, post a censored version of the newd you sent ;D

No.247 : Anonymous [11/07/16(Sat)15:56] []

in during another 2 month absence :(

No.249 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/07/17(Sun)02:09] 1310886599099.jpg (93983 B, 612x612) [YIS] [GIS] []
93983 B

Thank you, dear. You're sweet.
Not sure if I'll be posting nudes unless I get accepted. Im awfully nervous about that. ): But assuming they like me, I promise I'll get a preview to you ring away.
I plan to be as active as I possibly can, and each set would have plenty of photos. Besides, I'd be getting pAid for my photos. And trust me, I need cash a LOT.
Patience, friends. It'll be worth the wait! But perhaps this can tide you over <3

No.251 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/07/17(Sun)02:12] 1310886772142.jpg (75570 B, 612x612) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.252 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/07/17(Sun)02:13] 1310886830670.jpg (83720 B, 612x612) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.253 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/07/17(Sun)02:14] 1310886897932.jpg (112809 B, 612x612) [YIS] [GIS] []
112809 B


No.254 : Anonymous [11/07/17(Sun)02:16] []

i have a deal for you, i'll send you gift cards for undies for any brand you want in exchange for pics. let me know if you're game

No.255 : Anonymous [11/07/17(Sun)02:38] []

been a while. any word back from GG?

No.256 : Anonymous [11/07/17(Sun)04:14] []


How much underwear do you think one girl needs?

No.257 : Anonymous [11/07/17(Sun)05:33] []


do you know the difference between need and want? of course, it varies from girl to girl...

No.258 : Anonymous [11/07/17(Sun)08:57] []

Goddamn, Dem Lips.

I'm so jelly of the first guy she has, or will, give a blowjob to. :/

No.259 : Anonymous [11/07/17(Sun)13:40] []

Id pay good money for your photos :D

No.260 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/07/17(Sun)20:43] []

I would probably be interested in that. I want more attractive underwear. Let's discuss this further.
Unfortunately, not yet. I'll let you know the day I get some news.
Tons and tons and tons! especially if she's doing any form of porn.
You're very sweet. ;3 I don't have a lot of personal conversations about my sex life, but if you want to know entirely too much about me in general (including my sexual habits), check out my tumblr.

Rickjamesbitch . Tumblr . Com

Much love!

No.261 : Anonymous [11/07/17(Sun)21:29] []


If you're doing pics for money, we could talk. Are you game for that sort of thing?

No.262 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/07/18(Mon)00:59] []

It is certainly negotiable.

No.263 : Anonymous [11/07/18(Mon)02:51] []

email addy to discuss details?

No.264 : Anonymous [11/07/18(Mon)03:11] []

I'd like to discuss details and terms about the undies,

I'd prefer to talk about it via IM. Else you can contact me at iknowhowthestoryends at yahoo dot com.


No.265 : Anonymous [11/07/18(Mon)04:24] []

lets negotiate!

No.266 : Anonymous [11/07/18(Mon)05:50] []

One quick question, as you seem quite open these days. Are you a virgin? You don't have to give the details if you're uncomfortable, or anything. D:

No.267 : Anonymous [11/07/18(Mon)09:22] []

I take that question back, I just checked your tumblr, haha.

Holy crap, you are SO different on there than you are here. I always had to down as such a cute and innocent little thing. :P

No.268 : Anonymous [11/07/18(Mon)19:22] []

Paypal account? I wouldnt mind paying for pictures (videos?) :D

No.269 : Steve-O [11/07/18(Mon)22:44] []

>>249 wh...wh....WOW :D

No.270 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/07/18(Mon)23:48] 1311050923717.jpg (77880 B, 571x568) [YIS] [GIS] []
77880 B

You guys can contact me about this at honeyfrecklebee @ gmail <3
I need to work out some kinks in the bank account/Paypal business. If you email me, I'll iron out details about how we can make do for now.
I'm a bit unfiltered in those parts.

No.271 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/07/18(Mon)23:49] 1311050968928.jpg (72009 B, 570x564) [YIS] [GIS] []
72009 B


No.272 : Steve-O [11/07/19(Tue)00:18] []

yet another awesomely beautiful pic :)

No.273 : Anonymous [11/07/19(Tue)00:25] []

Um, awkward question... are you into girls too? :X what do you think of other girls admiring you?

No.274 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/07/19(Tue)00:33] []

I love everybody! Dear, I was invited to a friend's lingerie birthday party this weekend, and I'm not sure how I'm going to resist hitting on all the ladies. Don't be shy!

No.275 : Mr. Fancy [11/07/19(Tue)02:26] []

Everything about these pictures is lovely...

No.276 : Mr. Fancy [11/07/19(Tue)02:50] []

No, seriously, I didn't notice those lips in 253 until somebody else pointed them out, but now I can't look away from them. They're the best.

No.277 : JtM #aKy//fJc7Q [11/07/19(Tue)03:07] []

I've always said that you have some of the cutest lips I've seen. You're looking as adorable as ever.

No.278 : Anonymous [11/07/19(Tue)09:34] []

She's got a boyfriend who gets to enjoy them whenevr he wants. :(


No.279 : ninja [11/07/19(Tue)13:56] []


Glad it's been asked, cause you're freakin' adorable. I usually don't post in other ladie's threads, but I couldn't help it. Please do find me if you ever wanna do an epic set of pics together.. It'd be fun. :)

PS: ninjachanx3 (at hotmail) if you ever wanna chat on MSN... let me know who you are right away though. :)

No.280 : Anonymous [11/07/20(Wed)06:37] []

Do you smoke?

No.281 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/07/20(Wed)17:21] []

He's a sweetheart. Unfortunately, we'll be parting ways when we move to avoid some godawful long distance end-up-resenting-the-shit-out-of-one-another nonsense. So in about a month nobody will be enjoying anything ;.;
I'll definitely have to drop you a line sometime! Very good to her from you. It's always flattering to hear that another lady is fond of you. <3
Cigarettes with some regularity (splitting one with the significant other a couple times a day, on average. But in certain situations, chain smoking is inevitable.) Cannabis is smoked as much as possible. As much as possible. Serious business.

No.282 : Orange [11/07/20(Wed)17:36] []

You guys are breaking up? Wow, bummer. I mean, don't get me wrong, i'm insanely jealous of the guy for ever being with you in the first place. :P Must suck to lose ya though, frecks.

No.283 : Mr. Fancy [11/07/20(Wed)23:49] []


It's tough, I know, but if you're moving away from each other, it's best to make a clean break. OF all the relationships I've been in, the only one that ended happily was one where circumstance forced us to part, and we decided that it was best to end things neatly. We still talk, now and then, and we recommend each other highly. The rest, all sadness and catastrophe.

No.285 : Anonymous [11/07/21(Thu)13:55] []

have a great time at the party this weekend! take a lot pics :D

No.286 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/07/21(Thu)23:23] []

Good news, folks!

God's Girls got back to me and wants additional photos. This is phase two. Haven't been denied, and pretty sure I'll be going on to the purgatory forum so members can vote,

Fingers crossed!

P.s. Thanks for the kindness regarding my situation with the male friend. It's very sweet, and I appreciate it. <3

No.287 : Anonymous [11/07/22(Fri)00:21] []


Great news! Can't wait :D

No.288 : anon [11/07/22(Fri)01:46] []


best news all week!

No.289 : Dia [11/07/22(Fri)07:53] []

Cool. If that's the case I'll bung a vote in.

No.290 : Mr. Fancy [11/07/22(Fri)10:11] []


Make sure you let us know if it does come to that; I think they'll see a membership drive.

No.291 : Anonymous [11/07/22(Fri)20:51] []

Congrats on making it through and a great time at the party this weekend!

No.292 : Anonymous [11/07/22(Fri)21:39] []

Check your emails Freckles

No.293 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/07/22(Fri)23:31] []

I apologize for any delays, but please bear in mind tha I have a lot of emails, as well as a lot of other responsibilities and obligations offline. I just responded to all the emails, but sometimes it can take me a day or two to ge to everything.

No.294 : Anonymous [11/07/22(Fri)23:38] []


We know you won't just vanish, take your time, I for one am in no rush

No.295 : Anonymous [11/07/23(Sat)00:31] []

>>293 No complaints here. The internet should be secondary to your real life.

No.296 : M.P. #BvcplLXSGo [11/07/23(Sat)02:25] []

Damn Freckles. You've always been pretty, but you've now hit gorgeous. Love the new pics.

No.298 : Anonymous [11/07/23(Sat)08:08] []

Having that much business already? Damn, wish I was hot enough to make so much money with just pictures of myself. D:

No.299 : Anonymous [11/07/24(Sun)19:59] []

preview of your lingere party outfit?
need some new fap material :D

No.305 : Anonymous [11/07/27(Wed)23:27] []


She posted it on her tumblr:

rickjamesbitch . tumblr . com /post/8117342340/this-was-my-lingerie-party-outfit-i-painted-my

Also, this:

rickjamesbitch . tumblr . com /post/8119305927/how-was-the-party

No.312 : Anonymous [11/08/01(Mon)03:05] 1312185931299.jpg (62951 B, 612x612) [YIS] [GIS] []
62951 B

This a good enough preview?

No.313 : Anonymous [11/08/01(Mon)10:33] []

That's pretty good, but I could use more.

No.314 : Anonymous [11/08/01(Mon)10:42] []

Is there an archive of all her pics?

No.324 : Anonymous [11/08/04(Thu)20:19] 1312507167510.jpg (822061 B, 1165x900) [YIS] [GIS] []
822061 B

oh hello there

No.325 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/08/04(Thu)20:21] 1312507303593.jpg (3079801 B, 2483x1920) [YIS] [GIS] []
3079801 B

oops, forgot to include my name in the last post.

No.326 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/08/04(Thu)20:23] 1312507436384.jpg (763884 B, 1200x900) [YIS] [GIS] []
763884 B

I do believe some folks wanted feetz. sorry I look weiiirrrrrd

No.327 : Anonymous [11/08/04(Thu)20:50] []

oh my, those are some really sexy feet you have there :D

No.328 : Anonymous [11/08/05(Fri)01:07] []

>>325 It's all right, I guessed it was you.

No.329 : Anonymous [11/08/05(Fri)01:07] []

>>325 Also nice body, damn.

No.330 : Anonymous [11/08/05(Fri)03:08] []

Super hot.

No.331 : Anonymous [11/08/05(Fri)03:46] []

Tell God's Girls to hurry the fuck up so I can pay to see you naked.

I'd buy a custom set but probably can't afford it. =(

No.332 : Steve-O [11/08/05(Fri)15:33] []

>>324 well hello there ms. sexy :D

No.333 : Arse #BritFagz/w [11/08/05(Fri)15:59] []

Hot hot hot

No.334 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/08/06(Sat)00:43] 1312609431854.jpg (82276 B, 612x612) [YIS] [GIS] []
82276 B

Hello friend's! Thanks so much for all the kind comments. <3

they want to put me in the purgatory forum. But I need my ID so I can prove I'm legal before moving forward in the process.

I've finished about four private sets. The receivers seem very happy with them! I'm gonna do another one or two tonight. Now, I don't know that ANYONE would be intested in this...but I'm throwing tout there, just in case. The significant other mentioned that he wouldn't mind providing his services if any of you were interested in hardcore private sets from me. Speak of, we decided to give it a shot after the move. We'll only live an hour apart and we're considering opening up the relationship.

Anyway. If you're looking for so ething extra in a set, that's an option. Figured it was worth mentioning, since I imagine someone might be up for it.

No.335 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/08/06(Sat)00:46] 1312609605874.jpg (108924 B, 612x612) [YIS] [GIS] []
108924 B

Eww, my iPad autocorrects "friends" to "friend's" ALL THE TIME. Not good.

No.336 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/08/06(Sat)00:47] 1312609679537.jpg (255581 B, 1200x900) [YIS] [GIS] []
255581 B

Boop oop bee dooo

No.337 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/08/06(Sat)00:49] 1312609767134.jpg (381176 B, 1200x900) [YIS] [GIS] []
381176 B

I'm unsure if I put this one up before. Don't think I did.

No.338 : Anonymous [11/08/06(Sat)01:52] []

Do we get a sample?

No.339 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/08/06(Sat)01:57] []

I don't have something readily available. I can't fin any of the pictures we've taken together before. But I mean...I guess it would be me naked plus someone's penis? It would be nice, I can assure you. But if you want One of these, order very soon! After I leave, we won't be able to see one another very much. So I won't have many chances to take pictures of our shagging.

No.340 : Orange [11/08/06(Sat)04:35] []

Dammit, I want a blowjay picture, but i've already paid and sent you the list of picture requests ages ago. D: Could you possibly include one? :C

No.341 : Anonymous [11/08/06(Sat)05:48] []

You have cute feet, but... well, personally I'm a tops person myself.

No.342 : Arse #BritFagz/w [11/08/06(Sat)05:52] []

You should get some pre-shot for future sale ;3

Also, this may or not be of interest to you, google clips for sale, first link. Damn spam filters.

Just an idea.

No.343 : Anonymous [11/08/06(Sat)08:53] []

moar cats pl0x
it's caturday

No.344 : Balon [11/08/06(Sat)10:09] []

I have been checking the purgatory forums every few days so that can I vote for you as soon as you become available. Not that you would need any extra help of course. You'd pass that process with no effort at all.

No.345 : Anonymous [11/08/06(Sat)11:08] []

Freckles, please check your email, I am one of your happy customers and would definitely be interested in some shots of you and your partner.

I will be making a large order, so please get back to me!

No.346 : Anonymous [11/08/06(Sat)13:25] []

wow great! private sets. sorry but , how can I get one for me? what do I have to do?

No.347 : Anonymous [11/08/06(Sat)16:47] []

I've been waiting for a shot like this for years. The wait was worth it, your soles are fantastic. Good things come to those who wait :)

No.366 : mimi cunt #TeGC9TyO06 [11/08/08(Mon)15:05] []



No.382 : Anonymous [11/08/08(Mon)22:57] 1312862265125.jpg (117094 B, 500x387) [YIS] [GIS] []
117094 B

For anyone who doesn't follow her tumblr, you're welcome.

(Hope you don't mind me cross-posting, Freckles)

No.384 : Anonymous [11/08/09(Tue)01:33] []

he looks grumpy

No.402 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/08/09(Tue)20:07] []

Hey everyone! I'm going into purgatory with the next round of girls, so keep an eye out for me! I'm very, very nervous, and all your love and support is appreciated. <3 Wish me luck!

p.s. No qualms with cross-posting. And the kitty was probably grumpy because I like to take fifty photos with him at once, heh

No.403 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/08/09(Tue)20:09] []

p.s. They made me choose a "real name", so look out for Alaina. ;3

No.406 : Anonymous [11/08/10(Wed)14:55] []


Cute, but you'll always be Freckles to us. =)

No.407 : Anonymous [11/08/10(Wed)15:35] []

Aw they censor the nudes at the purgatory forums :( lol thought we might sneak a freebie ;D I'll vote for you anyway since you're about a million times hotter than most of the girls on there.

No.412 : Anonymous [11/08/11(Thu)07:06] []

is this the page you are talking about? cause I see nothing of her.

http://www DOT godsgirls DOT com/forum/viewforum.php?f=28&sid=669f2a632f7aa1f5a7f99d07f49d2977

No.413 : Anonymous [11/08/11(Thu)13:47] []


That's the one, but she said she'll be going in during the next round.

No.414 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/08/11(Thu)20:49] []

To my wonderful patient friends waiting for sets: my camera stuff got packed up with my other moving things by mistake. Meaning I won't be messing around with them for a couple days. I'll try to fish them out while staying with my family over the weekend. I'm so sorry for the delay, my friends! I love youuuuuu

No.509 : Arse #BritFagz/w [11/08/24(Wed)15:38] []

Voting is open in case anyone didn't notice.

All yes's so far : D

No.511 : Balon [11/08/24(Wed)18:41] []

My vote has been cast. 92% favorable so far so there is no doubt you will be getting in.

No.517 : Anonymous [11/08/25(Thu)20:04] []

Votevotevotevote. Need naked Freckles :)

No.547 : JTM #aKy//fJc7Q [11/08/26(Fri)13:17] []

As of writing this, there were 56 votes, and it was 91% "Yes" for her.

No.551 : Anonymous [11/08/26(Fri)15:52] []

Glad to see the people at GG have eyes. It would be insane if she didn't have high votes. (what's wrong with the other 9%? maybe they don't think she's tatooed enough?)

No.555 : Anonymous [11/08/26(Fri)21:20] []

Compared to a lot of the other girls on there Freckles is pretty "vanilla" looking, but personally I think that's a good thing :D

I hope you don't get lots of tattoos and piercings to fit in or something Freckles :x

No.564 : Anonymous [11/08/27(Sat)15:51] []

I, at least, can't stand all that piercing and shit. I think it looks low-class.

No.571 : Anonymous [11/08/29(Mon)06:44] []


Yet visiting here is "high brow" eh?

Tattoos / piercings, like clothing or anything really, can be elegant and "classy" but it all comes down to design and choice. Foreign languages and symbols are fucking horrendous - if you can't read it yourself, why? That's just a celebration of ignorance.

Then again, people are free to do whatever they want so should they choose to tattoo a massive floppy donkey dick dangling from their forehead, well, more power to 'em, the eejits.

Also with with opinions such as yours, I think it best you avoid the GG community.

No.574 : Anonymous [11/08/30(Tue)07:44] []

I don't think tattoos would be the end of the world, but facial piercings reeeally wouldn't suit her.

No.591 : JTM #aKy//fJc7Q [11/09/02(Fri)03:10] []

Congrats on the becoming one of the GodsGirls. There seem to be some pretty awesome girls there, I hope you get to work with them in some of your future shoots.

No.598 : Anonymous [11/09/11(Sun)17:11] []

She gets accepted to GG, then just fucking disappears completely from here, Tumblr and the GG site. The fuck?

No.599 : Anonymous [11/09/11(Sun)19:46] []

>>598 You are retarded. I know this because you couldn't figure out why she would stop posting everyone else on the Internet after signing a contract with an online pornography distributor.

No.600 : Anonymous [11/09/12(Mon)05:00] []

The only retard here is you. GG does not require any "exclusivity" contract, unlike SG. In fact, GG doesn't require a contract at all. None, nada. Do some research next time before another feeble attempt at a witty reply, you fucking moron.

Your response was moot anyway, based on the fact that I made no reference whatsoever to her "not posting photos" anymore. I merely stated that she has completely disappeared, i.e. including mundane reblogging on her Tumblr page, or text post updates here.

Also, *everywhere not "everyone"

Enjoy failing at life, faggot.

No.602 : Anonymous [11/09/12(Mon)20:01] []

Lol@everyone when she's out mingling because she just started college and has better shit to do than internet.

No.619 : Anonymous [11/09/17(Sat)15:09] []

Oh god what happened to you Freckles. You are looking... eh... I won't say the word, but I miss the innocent normal looking one. ;_;

No.620 : Anonymous [11/09/18(Sun)20:33] []

You wouldn't be singing that song if you'd seen one of her nude sets. ;D

No.626 : Anonymous [11/09/23(Fri)23:11] []


wheres that from?

No.627 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/09/24(Sat)01:26] []

This is not safe for work. In the interest of not having the thread locked or something, please delete and move to female general if you must.

I've been very busy with school, but a God's Girls set will beup as soon as possible.

Well, that's a bit rude. I still consider myself to be "normal" looking. I'm sorry you're not fond of the fact that I've chosen to openly embrace my sexual inclinations. I'm sorry I don't still look like I did when I was fifteen. Can I interest you in some other young ladies who have barely hit puberty?

No.628 : Anonymous [11/09/24(Sat)05:09] []

>>627 The "safe for work" label is kind of silly if you ask me. If I went to a site called "chan sluts" at work with a bunch of pics of girls posing in lingerie, I wouldn't be any less fired just because there weren't any nipples out. (not to mention the "recent posts" sidebar has NSFW pics from other boards all the time)

I LOL'd at the guy who basically called you a slut. A guy who browses an amateur porn imageboard is clearly a beacon of chaste values. And it's a little creepy that he prefers to jack off to "innocent looking" girls instead of girls who are clearly trying to be sexy and showing skin.

No.629 : Anonymous [11/09/24(Sat)06:13] []

If she wants it deleted I'll delete it, I'm not a dick. Just wanted to share what I found heh. I'm sure we'll get to see much more soon enough anyway.

No.630 : Anonymous [11/09/24(Sat)08:04] []

>>628 If you can't figure out why this board is called SFW, you should probably hit puberty before you start using the Internet again.

No.631 : Anonymous [11/09/24(Sat)13:31] []

>>630 lol learn to read. I just said I thought the name was funny. I get the rules.

No.632 : Anonymous [11/09/24(Sat)22:39] []

FUCK! I can't believe I missed it. Goddammit! Any chance of it being posted elsewhere?

No.703 : Anonymous [11/10/11(Tue)11:00] []

fret not, it was a tiny, low res pic so you didnt miss much.

more importantly, why is this thread dead and where is her GG set?

No.705 : Anonymous [11/10/13(Thu)00:39] []

Guys, she might have just changed her mind about the whole thing. She hasn't posted here in ages (except for a short post about that pic) Maybe she's too busy with school or just doesn't want to pose nude on the internet anymore.

No.706 : Anonymous [11/10/13(Thu)00:39] []

Guys, she might have just changed her mind about the whole thing. She hasn't posted here in ages (except for a short post about that pic) Maybe she's too busy with school or just doesn't want to pose nude on the internet anymore.

No.713 : Freckles #/qoY1YcQM6 [11/10/16(Sun)23:56] []


Nope. Sending in my first set as we speak.

No.1175 : Anonymous Stalker [12/04/05(Thu)15:12] []

I love you.


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