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No.22892 : Anonymous Stalker [2018-11-26 20:17] 1543281445971.jpg (182493 B, 1052x684) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
182493 B

Anyone have a full archive of Tira/Enyo/PinkOP?

there are some online but they aren't complete archives.

No.22927 : Anonymous Stalker [2018-12-12 22:23] []

Can't find anything on Tira

No.22931 : Anonymous Stalker [2018-12-18 19:40] []

Tira is in the torrent, isn't that the complete collection?

No.23068 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-01-26 15:05] []

no the pinkop videos are missing and all the old links are down. hope for some repost

No.23214 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-03-02 09:25] []

amazing how pinkop vids disappeared

No.23217 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-03-04 04:23] []

Why were they taken down?

No.23219 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-03-04 10:50] []

they weren't posted again since 2016 so far I've seen via the online archives

No.23315 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-03-23 22:38] []

any hero still got the pinkop videos to upload?

No.23319 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-03-25 10:37] []

We need a hero, holding on for a hero till the end of the thread

No.24943 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-04-29 01:54] []

Bump for interest

No.24945 : syncfag [2019-04-29 02:35] 1556519712779.jpg (106854 B, 709x519) [YIS] [GIS] []
106854 B

never bothered to update, sorry fam



those fucking vids were posted on /b/ back when she was posting there
is not like every idiot knows that archive, or how to search for good shit there

vids are meh, you aren't missing much, plus i don't even know if she posted on /sma/ again

No.24950 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-04-29 06:41] []


I checked the archives, every mega/dropbox links are down, so yes those fucking vids disappeared.

No.25089 : syncfag [2019-04-29 12:56] []


c'est la vie?

i can't be arsed to make a torrent and you retards hate resilio/sincthing or wtv the name is, with passion

learn to let things go m8

the good news? i'm not the only autist that have those files, so... good luck

No.25134 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-04-29 15:16] []


Never asked you to create a torrent, you could make a vola room, put them there for 2 days, put the link in here and for those who would miss that, c'est la vie as you said.

No.25135 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-04-29 15:18] []


I'm in a good mood today so I created a room, /r/wk0ewauw , feel free to dump the vids there

No.25137 : m0rtez [2019-04-29 23:45] []



that's working great for those ichc fags right?

i will dump one day, here...

be aware that i deliver less than snow and ivory together

No.25444 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-05-01 05:09] []

resilio sync from the archive is fine, those videos just weren't in it

can you please update that archive then?

No.25445 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-05-01 05:30] []

also btw, she did reappear last year and yes I have the pix. so let's stop all hating each other and share shit.

I'll post the photos in the ebola above anon posted

No.25684 : ArchivalAnon [2019-05-02 17:31] []


I don't have the Tira/PinkOp vids - but I would like to add some stuff. Anyone want Velma archives? Or the current known Tira archives?

Just tryin' to help fellow anons - because I appreciate the current upload and hope there's more to come.

No.26049 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-05-04 00:34] []

So did those PinkOP videos ever surface? :/

No.26050 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-05-04 05:27] []

no, anon above with the videos never showed up

No.27643 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-06-06 08:42] []

so, will anyone finally upload pinkop?

No.27783 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-06-24 02:34] []

No one will post them but I’m looking for them and when I find them I will share them but it will take some time

No.27798 : syncfag #Yu5K3fFoKs [2019-06-27 17:26] []


No.27851 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-07-24 15:21] []

can anyone please post those pinkop videos so we can finish the collection?


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