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No.175 : Anonymous [11/05/10(Tue)00:44] 1305002686775.jpg [GIS] (736510 B, 1280x960)
No.176 : Anonymous [11/05/10(Tue)00:45] 1305002722308.jpg [GIS] (657612 B, 1280x960) []
No.177 : Anonymous [11/05/10(Tue)00:47] 1305002822536.jpg [GIS] (670290 B, 1280x960) []
No.178 : Anonymous [11/05/10(Tue)00:47] 1305002861317.jpg [GIS] (712383 B, 960x1280) []
No.179 : Anonymous [11/05/10(Tue)00:48] 1305002885470.jpg [GIS] (149291 B, 1448x955) []
No.180 : Anonymous [11/05/10(Tue)00:48] 1305002910399.jpg [GIS] (108229 B, 878x522) []
No.181 : Anonymous [11/05/10(Tue)00:49] 1305002945046.jpg [GIS] (32521 B, 640x480) []
No.182 : Anonymous [11/05/10(Tue)00:49] 1305002962319.jpg [GIS] (34740 B, 640x480) []
No.184 : Anonymous [11/05/10(Tue)13:40] []

post moar if you have them!

No.225 : Anonymous [11/05/13(Fri)03:41] []

is the duchess even out there anymore? you here duchess?

No.242 : Anonymous [11/05/16(Mon)21:36] []

duchess was FUCKING AMAZING =( I miss her..

No.243 : Anonymous [11/05/16(Mon)21:36] []

best EVER!

No.325 : Anonymous [11/05/25(Wed)15:28] []

If you are curious, she has a boyfriend and doesn't post pictures anywhere anymore.

No.327 : Anonymous [11/05/25(Wed)23:19] []

that i already know..
well anyways i hope your doing good well :)
havent heard from her in a while :/

No.328 : Anonymous [11/05/25(Wed)23:32] []

well i doubt she remembers me Dx i posted a while back on here with a certian name and tripcode

No.329 : Anonymous [11/05/26(Thu)00:12] []

Yeah, I'm not entirely sure what happened because I never asked her.
It's been a month or so since I've talked to her though.

No.333 : imnot #PeGMal9kwA [11/05/26(Thu)05:18] []

its a bit of a long story... tbh im NOT duchess btw, she told me why she stoped a while back but i dont think i can discuss that here...and i havent spoken to her in a while either...or heard from her in a while

if your out there i hope your doing ok :3

No.348 : Anonymous [11/06/02(Thu)16:05] []

Duchess posted a while back saying a guy she knew saw her on here and was pretty much blackmailing her.

People like that are why we can't have nice things.

No.375 : imnot #PeGMal9kwA [11/06/04(Sat)03:26] []

yeah i remember that... :/ that happened about a year ago.. well less then a year ago actually

No.417 : Anonymous [11/06/06(Mon)15:44] []

lets get her back!!! so much time has passed, that blackmaling jerk can go F himself!

No.439 : imnot #PeGMal9kwA [11/06/07(Tue)20:06] []

that is not gonna happen dude she has a boyfriend and besides she gave up camwhoring for a reason it was nice while it lasted

No.699 : Anonymous [11/06/18(Sat)23:21] []

Again, I think whoever was blackmailing her told everyone about it.
I didn't know she was being blackmailed before now though.
The way it sounded she seemed to be apologizing to people a lot for mistakes made in the past.
I just assumed it was related to the pix.
Though if her family should be worried about anything it should be her drug use.
Just sayin...that is much worse than pix.

No.720 : Anonymous [11/06/20(Mon)13:56] 1308596161622.jpg [GIS] (680433 B, 960x1280) []
680433 B

Who has her archive?

No.722 : Anonymous [11/06/20(Mon)16:23] 1308605016893.jpg [GIS] (706143 B, 1280x960) []
706143 B

I has

No.723 : Anonymous [11/06/20(Mon)17:54] []

>>722 We need a .rar file with all her fap material!!!

No.728 : Anonymous [11/06/21(Tue)11:41] []

did someone ask for a duchess archive?

No.831 : Anonymous [11/06/27(Mon)03:21] 1309162895256.jpg [GIS] (166776 B, 615x461) []
166776 B

Thanks. In return, here is a pic not included in the rar.

No.874 : Anonymous [11/06/30(Thu)00:43] []

anymore not included in the rar?

No.883 : Anonymous [11/06/30(Thu)20:04] []

I have over 300 more, but I would never share a single one as I value our friendship much to much to ever hurt her in that way...sorry guys!

No.885 : Anonymous [11/06/30(Thu)22:36] []

Yeah sure. Hahahahahaha :)

No.886 : imnot #PeGMal9kwA [11/06/30(Thu)23:24] []

>>883 same here bro :)

No.893 : Anonymous [11/07/01(Fri)03:35] []


No.913 : Anonymous [11/07/01(Fri)17:13] []


Haha, you fucking losers. You think she give a shit a bout you? Man up, and post the goddamn pics.

No.920 : Anonymous [11/07/02(Sat)06:23] []


If you actually were like that, you wouldn't say it. So you're lying.

No.921 : Anonymous [11/07/02(Sat)10:53] []


One is a statement, the other an action so how does either define a lie? Clearly there is very little definitive merit to your conclusion but I am certainly open to you providing supporting documentation for your claim.

No.923 : Anonymous [11/07/02(Sat)13:16] []

see, this is something you DON'T DO.
say "I have so much win of so-and-so" then follow with "but I'll never post it for you losers" or "you'll never get it haha" or "I can't post it because she has my trust" or "I can't post it because I love her" or some other bullshit like that.

if you have that kind of win and don't intend to ever post it, STFU. otherwise everyone will flood all boards with /r/equests until the end of time (or until you decide to post it). think of the kind of stuff you see on /r/ boards and heed this advice.

you may also recant, and admit you were just full of shit, and that win never existed. in which case the thread will quietly die.

No.924 : Anonymous [11/07/02(Sat)13:52] []


I like the end of time option....lets go with that and keep this rolling!

No.925 : Anonymous [11/07/02(Sat)14:07] []


Agreed, lets keep this rolling....and the right to free speech allows one to post whatever they so choose, even when such a choice is not embraced by the masses. For their beliefs are theirs and I put forth to you 923 to provide something of support to your claim that one whom has such things in their possession should remain silent about it? Further more current history has shown that a dictatorship of rule used to suggest silence by threat leads to the uprising of those oppressed until they are heard. Often times this leads to the permanent silence of the dictator whom suggested the the truth to be silenced from the start. You certainly can choose to think of this in terms of wins and loses but you have no place to demand one "shut the fuck up" as you put it, due to your belief being of different view. That is a classic example of ignorance that simply will not be tolerated by those who feel the need to post whatever they believe in any forum they choose.

No.1884 : Anonymous [11/09/07(Wed)04:03] []

alright, so i've been cybering with this chick recently (like, within the past 2 months), but i didn't know who she was until i saw this page in a google search on one of the pics sent; she's given me these pics, but only a few, but we had a blast of a time... that's not the point, though

question is - you guys think this is still actually her, or what? she does not get on instant messenger often at all, and if this is truly her, and she's trying to push this behind her, i'd rather not bring this up

No.1886 : Anonymous [11/09/07(Wed)12:16] []

Where can I get the whole rar of her?

No.1887 : Anonymous [11/09/07(Wed)14:23] []

there's a link earlier in the thread

No.1894 : Anonymous [11/09/08(Thu)10:11] []

>>1884 you are an imbecile if you think you've been cybering with her

No.5479 : Anonymous Stalker [12/02/10(Fri)05:00] []

rar please the fuxx site didnt work

No.5601 : ksjds [12/02/16(Thu)01:13] []

anyone know her name??

No.5602 : Anonymous Stalker [12/02/16(Thu)03:00] []
No.11306 : Anonymous Stalker [13/10/07(Mon)21:45] []

any chance somebody could re-up the archive of all her pics?

No.11318 : effyougood [13/10/14(Mon)08:05] []

shes smoking hot!

No.15730 : Anonymous Stalker [2014-07-25 02:18] 1406269132895.jpg [GIS] (137343 B, 540x960) []
137343 B

I stumbled accross her photos on my phone had saved em a long ass time ago didnt know who she was. I met her and became friends with her over last like 2 months and i know for certain this is her. Shits crazy running into photos of someone you know (and have had the photos prior to meeting them) on that note ill share a photo but no name or further details shall be given

No.16147 : Anonymous Stalker [2014-10-22 11:26] []

No, people like that need to go to jail. She's risking being 'tarred' for posting a few nude pics versus felony blackmail? No comparison.

No.16165 : Anonymous Stalker [2014-10-25 08:26] []

Does anyone have a link to the video in that torrent? Nobody's seeding.

No.16166 : Anonymous Stalker [2014-10-26 09:51] []

please come back and seed the torrent! pretty please?

No.16294 : Anonymous Stalker [2014-12-05 12:12] 1417799567370.jpg [GIS] (36499 B, 480x640) []
No.17878 : Fan of duchess [2016-03-17 18:43] []

please guys share this rar with me ! <3

No.18205 : Anonymous Stalker [2016-12-05 06:02] []

I also know this girl because we were neighbors in high school and I have full videos that I made from a hidden camera, but will never show them because I respect her privacy. I hide a totally real camera and got a video of her that is in no way make believe. I also made sex at her. I have definitely seen her in person and licked her in the ovaries.

No.18244 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-01-04 15:50] []

Need seed

No.18411 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-04-23 23:58] []

hint to all her name is on the wall in one of the pictures (partial first name) particularly one where she's full nude looking to her right


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