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No.249 : Anonymous [11/05/18(Wed)00:23] 1305692630816.jpg [GIS] (103362 B, 720x540) [Reply]
103362 B

Is that OP still around that had like all of her videos? I am NOT done fapping to this bitch. Also shes second from the left, newest picture of her of FB

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No.18545 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-07-14 23:30] []


No.18555 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-07-29 17:13] []


No.15047 : Anonymous Stalker [2014-06-09 05:54] 1402307654216.jpg [GIS] (153127 B, 640x1136) [Reply]
153127 B

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No.16503 : Anonymous Stalker [2015-02-08 09:27] []


No.18253 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-01-14 01:41] []


No.18526 : Charles Chan [2017-06-25 23:36] []

# "[shaving] is not bizarre, it's no more artificial than soap, indoor plumbing or shoes."
I contend that it is indeed bizarre, and somewhat more artificial than soap, indoor plumbing, and shoes, because its intent is to change one's appearance, which intent those other things have not. The bizarre feature is to make a mammal (us) look even more-hairless than we already are.

No.18527 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-06-27 02:31] []

If you don't think soap changes your looks, you've either never gone without it, or never used it.

No.8242 : Anonimous [12/08/19(Sun)06:15] 1345371305691.jpg [GIS] (200724 B, 1248x960) [Reply]
200724 B

Who is she?

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No.18515 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-06-11 23:31] []

Anymore where that came from?

No.18516 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-06-11 23:50] []

Some anon posted a bunch on /b/ a few days ago but I can't find the thread. They looked pretty old. Did any1 happen to see them or save them?

No.18520 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-06-16 01:12] []

Any body want to take a crack at her photobucket? Maybe there is nothing inside or maybe some fun non-nude.

No.18522 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-06-23 10:49] []

Has someone considered searching the dark web for once?

No.8437 : Anonymous Stalker [12/08/25(Sat)09:54] 1345902864814.jpg [GIS] (35973 B, 376x500) [Reply]
35973 B

Anyone remember Weasleychan? She was around back in '09, but I think the trolls were too much for her so she left.

Anyway, I'm going to post all I have of her. Maybe someone here has more.

82 posts and 76 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.9387 : Anonymous Stalker [12/10/26(Fri)14:14] []


No.17613 : Anonymous Stalker [2015-10-01 20:32] 1443745973045.jpg [GIS] (52777 B, 540x960) []
52777 B


I matched this girl on Tinder and she actually use some of this pictures for her profil..

Is she the real one? Who is Weasley chan? Was she a french girl? Or did i encounter a fake one? Why has she so many name? Is she working at the CHUL in quebec city? is she 22 years old?

No.18388 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-04-07 19:28] []
>>Megan Not Weasley Chan !
No.18491 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-05-29 23:14] 1496114096203.jpg [GIS] (892764 B, 1920x2560) []
892764 B

I have a bunch that aren't posted here yet. (290 pix total 55.9 MB zipped). Don't want to put 'em up one at a time so here is the zip...

If anybody has video or pix I'm missing please share.

No.18481 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-05-29 20:21] 1496103688976.jpg [GIS] (1647101 B, 2576x1932) [Reply]
1647101 B

posting now

4 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.18486 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-05-29 20:28] 1496104082698.jpg [GIS] (1686163 B, 2576x1932) []
No.18487 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-05-29 20:34] 1496104468900.jpg [GIS] (1664482 B, 2576x1932) []
No.18488 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-05-29 20:39] 1496104764602.jpg [GIS] (1504079 B, 2576x1932) []
No.18489 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-05-29 20:46] 1496105164076.jpg [GIS] (1487052 B, 2576x1932) []

No.9730 : Anonymous Stalker [12/11/24(Sat)18:57] 1353801420497.png [GIS] (191376 B, 321x292) [Reply]
191376 B

does anyone remember Tehehe chan?

26 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.18024 : Anonymous Stalker [2016-06-21 14:20] []

i think thats her on ML /5E29BC1

No.18358 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-03-13 18:20] 1489443646438.png [GIS] (110898 B, 320x240) []
110898 B

Here's a sex video. Saved it back in 2010 from I don't fucking know where.

No.18459 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-05-23 18:26] []

holy fuck dude. Thanks man been coming back to this thread and you come up with the holy grail

No.18417 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-04-28 13:05] 1493399109673.jpg [GIS] (1499927 B, 2576x1932) [Reply]
1499927 B

This good slut took over the thread >>18414 abandoned just a bit ago.

4 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.18423 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-04-28 13:06] 1493399172271.jpg [GIS] (1534901 B, 2576x1932) []
No.18424 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-04-28 13:06] 1493399180366.jpg [GIS] (1685057 B, 2576x1932) []
No.18425 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-04-28 13:06] 1493399203972.jpg [GIS] (1321456 B, 2576x1932) []
1321456 B

she said that she had to agree to anal for her boyfriend to allow her to post >>18420

No.18427 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-04-28 13:07] 1493399259837.jpg [GIS] (1356961 B, 2576x1932) []
1356961 B

and here the thread ended when her boyfriend started blindfolding her

No.18414 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-04-28 13:03] 1493399012229.jpg [GIS] (666412 B, 978x1643) [Reply]
666412 B

This slut started a thread just a bit ago about getting herself a chastity belt on her birthday.

No.18415 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-04-28 13:03] 1493399020844.jpg [GIS] (297618 B, 978x790) []
No.18416 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-04-28 13:03] 1493399034080.jpg [GIS] (764026 B, 975x1689) []
No.18418 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-04-28 13:05] 1493399125782.jpg [GIS] (366015 B, 978x792) []
366015 B

Pretty sure this was all she posted. >>18417 took over after her.

No.3094 : Anonymous Stalker [11/11/22(Tue)12:08] 1321981697557.jpg [GIS] (61949 B, 640x480) [Reply]
61949 B

11 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.18095 : Anonymous Stalker [2016-09-03 16:45] []

bump for vid/moar

No.18290 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-02-08 16:15] []

bump for vid

No.18322 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-02-24 20:59] []

anyone have the vid?

No.18389 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-04-09 14:46] []

bump for vid

No.18296 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-02-18 00:42] 1487396536112.jpg [GIS] (1056566 B, 1836x3264) [Reply]
No.18303 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-02-18 00:47] 1487396861591.jpg [GIS] (1673204 B, 3264x1836) []
No.18304 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-02-18 00:50] 1487397023685.jpg [GIS] (1552775 B, 3264x1836) []
No.18305 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-02-18 01:01] 1487397693337.jpg [GIS] (1799024 B, 3264x1836) []
No.18306 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-02-18 01:21] 1487398879065.jpg [GIS] (74488 B, 900x900) []

No.7653 : Anonymous Stalker [12/07/08(Sun)07:58] 1341748739950.jpg [GIS] (591343 B, 2448x3264) [Reply]
591343 B

112 posts and 29 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.16376 : Anonymous Stalker [2014-12-25 11:48] []

I had a dream she was posting again. Just text posts.

No.16823 : Anonymous Stalker [2015-05-03 23:44] []

previous thread >>7309

No.17758 : Elly Elbereth [2015-12-12 12:43] []

Found your pics and video, tried to learn more, came upon this thread. Hope you will read it.

Thank you, Aubrey. I feel sweet pain as I see your photos because I couldn't do this freely when I was 14. There were no PC and mobile phones then, I used plain camera with black and white film - colored one was too expensive and complex in development for a child; of cause, I couldn't dare to pass such "compromising materials" to the photo master. I developed them myself - poor quality was compensated by total privacy. One day I came too close to be revealed, and burned all films and prints. I feared that my parents or some "government spies" find them and I'll be sent to mental health clinic - it was paranoid, but not absolutely absurd in our country for that time.

And now I see you who do all I wanted and even more - imagine, I couldn't even dare to think I can insert something and take pictures.

I'm really, really angry at the life which didn't allowed me to be myself.

No.18264 : Kingofkings [2017-01-22 22:58] []

Hey Aubrey, let a homie know what we can do to help you out. I feel like you should set up a patreon, or if you already have one, set up some social media so we can find it easier and help you. Can't let our Smilechan suffer

No.18246 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-01-08 00:43] 1483854191373.jpg [GIS] (118581 B, 979x706) [Reply]
No.18247 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-01-08 00:43] 1483854207768.jpg [GIS] (86183 B, 968x572) []
No.18248 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-01-08 00:43] 1483854214854.jpg [GIS] (125138 B, 956x667) []

No.10508 : Anonymous Stalker [13/03/12(Tue)09:47] 1363096054425.jpg [GIS] (69850 B, 640x479) [Reply]
69850 B

Brittany Marie Wiest
15 hours ago via mobile
"I saw some posts last night on a site that I've been trying to get taken down for almost 2 years now. If ur on my Facebook friends list and u are in any way associated with chan sluts please delete me from urs and swallow ur foul mouthed words."

Says shes not a whore yet draws attention to website with her nude pictures all over it. Posts more slutty pictures the same day. Sureee not a whore.. yeaah.

27 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.18238 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-01-02 03:18] 1483345127093.jpg [GIS] (76928 B, 634x633) []
76928 B

i'm guessing she won't be posting here again

No.18239 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-01-02 03:19] 1483345156641.jpg [GIS] (90211 B, 634x745) []
90211 B

fucking horrid

No.18240 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-01-02 03:24] []

No.7158 : Anonymous Stalker [12/05/23(Wed)23:36] 1337830569580.jpg [GIS] (58177 B, 640x480) [Reply]
58177 B

Hey, I'm looking for this camwhore by the name of Krieg. She used to post on 4chan on /soc/, /r9k/, and /adv/. Does anyone have more? I'll post what I have.

17 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.7693 : Anonymous Stalker [12/07/09(Mon)22:28] []


No.9403 : Anonymous Stalker [12/10/28(Sun)00:57] []


No.10115 : Anonymous Stalker [13/01/03(Thu)03:58] []


No.18184 : Anonymous Stalker [2016-11-25 14:17] []

I'm Krieg

No.683 : Anonymous [11/06/17(Fri)20:30] 1308360654581.jpg [GIS] (114069 B, 808x1064) [Reply]
114069 B

I'm looking for a topless picture of this girl, she goes by Abbie Wabbie

She has over 800 NN pics and one topless stickam video, but there's a topless pic where she's in front of a mirror pulling her panties down slightingly, anyone has it?

53 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.16906 : Anonymous Stalker [2015-05-30 00:09] []

fuck off moralfag, take your camwhores remorse and gtfo

No.16946 : Anonymous Stalker [2015-06-23 03:35] []

>>683 ineed to your pussy

No.17815 : Anonymous Stalker [2016-02-03 02:46] []


Where would those pictures be?

No.18169 : Anonymous Stalker [2016-11-08 21:59] []

Abbie is the best, I love the more recent picture abbie. I love love to see her beautiful body in all of it's bare glory. I really hope that was her sending that message. If it was, I'm sorry for all the jerks that mistreated you, but goodness, there are things about you that make life worth living.

No.16483 : Anonymous Stalker [2015-02-05 10:42] 1423150951506.jpg [GIS] (69586 B, 640x480) [Reply]
69586 B

Twitch camwhore named Hafu getting naked.

Here's her channel

17 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.17367 : Anonymous Stalker [2015-08-31 08:49] 1441025346754.jpg [GIS] (39302 B, 640x480) []
No.17803 : rohani2 [2016-01-25 13:30] []


No.18162 : Anonymous Stalker [2016-11-03 11:57] []

Is there a vid to that hafu pics? Where can i find it?

No.18165 : Anonymous Stalker [2016-11-04 06:00] []

Bump!! Yass we need more than that hafu pictures.anyone has her vid? Or someone who looks like her

No.16598 : Anonymous Stalker [2015-03-23 11:33] 1427124812973.jpg [GIS] (463812 B, 1200x1600) [Reply]
463812 B

Not exactly a classic but not very recent. Her tits look like they are absolutely perfect, but who knows.

A camwhore from 2012-03-28 (and the 29th, it seems).

8 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.16681 : Anonymous Stalker [2015-04-16 01:09] []

>>16656 i find all of that unlikely.

No.16886 : Anonymous Stalker [2015-05-12 19:36] []

very cool!

No.16903 : Anonymous Stalker [2015-05-29 16:23] []

That neck angle makes the doll claim seem likely.

No.18138 : Anonymous Stalker [2016-10-09 12:22] []

just found this girl around on the net.
You sure she's a doll? I am not sure, her lips, nipples and face slight imperfections look very real to me. I think if you look closely you can even see veins in her boobs.
I'd love to see more of her really, doll or real she's perfect.

No.1992 : Anonymous [11/09/13(Tue)22:59] 1315969157327.jpg [GIS] (2490226 B, 3263x2447) [Reply]
2490226 B

Can anyone provide info, a name, or more of this chick? I have three pics that I'll provide, but would very much like more.

8 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.14069 : Anonymous Stalker [14/04/13(Sun)10:41] 1397400094629.jpg [GIS] (51912 B, 640x480) []
51912 B

Dunno if it's really her for this one.

No.18131 : Anonymous Stalker [2016-09-26 12:18] []

>>14069 it isn't

No.18132 : Anonymous Stalker [2016-09-26 12:24] []

also she's clearly from lincolnshire


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