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No.321 : Rina #o7IoaYt5UM [12/02/02(Thu)18:12] 1328224347987.jpg [GIS] (87088 B, 883x685)
87088 B

Hello everyone one its Rina.
Ive been gone since my compy broke. Lots has happened. Very emotional. I was very close to go on the mones. But after much hair pulling, sobbing, and long shower; I decided not to go on mones.

My boday is progressing like a man. Lol but its the same issues I and other traps/cders/ have. Meaning tiny hips, broad shoulders, and sometimes facial hair. (Since I am asian it barely grows. Only on my chin and upper lip.)

So when I do dress up its kinda obvious. OH the days I could just walk outside in drag and if I didnt open my mouth no one would know.

So Im not really a trap anymore. I didnt think I was one before either. Traps are so rare they come one in a million and the epic ones had surgery or go on the mones early. I had neither. But i dont give a shittt.

So no boobies D;

however I will cross dress still and show you what I mean. I gained a lil wait and from working put a lil muscle on. My face is the same tho!!! lol

Im just not as thin.

Well, Ill probably post here every day. Not necessarily pics. But since everyone is a big Perv I may share my sexual fantasies and my secrets. If you like a block of text to drool on. lol


No.323 : Anonymous [12/02/02(Thu)19:22] []

welcome back, you still look amazingly cute. i hope you post more CDing pics, though regular pics are fine too.

No.324 : Rina #o7IoaYt5UM [12/02/02(Thu)20:47] []


I thought of going to MG. but meh. still a CDer at heart.

No.332 : PaulVonEvil #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [12/02/22(Wed)03:11] []

Still the same adorable Rina I know <3it


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