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No.79 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/03/04(Wed)23:29] 1236227340058.jpg [GIS] (0 B, 2048x1536)
No thumbnail

Meh I'm bored. ;o;

No.80 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/03/04(Wed)23:29] 1236227373236.jpg [GIS] (1659598 B, 2048x1536) []
1659598 B

lol myspace

No.81 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/03/04(Wed)23:30] 1236227408549.jpg [GIS] (1968646 B, 2048x1536) []
1968646 B

Also facial hair. ;o;

No.82 : 2540BE3FF [09/03/05(Thu)00:05] []

>>80 This one is like "are you watching me? stares back"

Alluring. Indeed it is.

No.84 : GeeBaby. [09/03/05(Thu)04:26] 1236245172158.png [GIS] (14481 B, 547x346) []
14481 B

Fear him.


No.85 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/03/05(Thu)11:14] []

I love it!

No.86 : Anonymous Stalker [09/03/06(Fri)13:07] []

>>81 I've tried so many times to grow facial hair like that, but it just doesn't happen. So Jealous!

Shave like Tony Stark for epic win!

No.117 : Anonymous Stalker [09/03/17(Tue)01:25] []

>>84 Steve Jobs?

No.149 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/04/13(Mon)02:49] 1239605368875.jpg [GIS] (205466 B, 960x1280) []
205466 B

I see what you did there

No.152 : age #eNwncubcDk [09/04/22(Wed)06:44] []

Dear paul,
You look like a browner, cooler version of me.
How did you get so cool and brown?

No.153 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/04/23(Thu)01:28] []

I was born that way. ;o;

No.154 : Mister Fantastic [09/04/23(Thu)03:47] []

I can back that up with stories.

No.155 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/04/23(Thu)11:22] []


No.178 : Anonymous Stalker [09/05/25(Mon)20:26] 1243297571213.jpg [GIS] (154503 B, 1024x768) []
154503 B


No.179 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/05/26(Tue)00:04] []

<3 Well...>:3

No.192 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/06/20(Sat)11:15] 1245521722042.jpg [GIS] (1502702 B, 1536x2048) []
1502702 B


No.193 : Anonymous Stalker [09/06/20(Sat)15:16] []


No.194 : Anonymous Stalker [09/06/22(Mon)02:53] 1245664404643.jpg [GIS] (1003040 B, 1944x2592) []
No.195 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/06/22(Mon)16:20] []

Who is this cutie? :3
I love you darling~

No.196 : Anonymous Stalker [09/06/22(Mon)17:56] []


No.197 : NinjaPanda [09/06/24(Wed)03:28] 1245839301471.jpg [GIS] (19770 B, 600x450) []
19770 B

Both my Panda and I love you.

No.198 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/06/24(Wed)08:22] []

Teehee. You're so silly love~

No.201 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/07/04(Sat)19:13] 1246759985361.jpg [GIS] (1558925 B, 1536x2048) []
1558925 B

Eh what?

No.202 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/07/04(Sat)19:13] 1246760002647.jpg [GIS] (1711510 B, 1536x2048) []
1711510 B


No.203 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/07/04(Sat)19:13] 1246760031083.jpg [GIS] (1548511 B, 1536x2048) []
1548511 B


No.204 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/07/04(Sat)19:14] 1246760062123.jpg [GIS] (1713575 B, 1536x2048) []
1713575 B


No.205 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/07/04(Sat)19:15] 1246760141321.jpg [GIS] (1589247 B, 1536x2048) []
1589247 B

I take the same picture twice ^_^

No.207 : Anonymous Stalker [09/07/05(Sun)12:08] []

so ugly this man

No.208 : Princess-kun #IiWQj2Bppc [09/07/05(Sun)17:19] []

>>207 Anon, gb2 /basement/

No.209 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/07/05(Sun)20:03] []

Yay! Now someone from Australia as expressed their opinion on my board! Woohoo

No.210 : (C)An(c)on [09/07/05(Sun)20:06] []


so ugly this comment.

No.211 : NinjaPanda [09/07/05(Sun)20:13] []

Imma beat your ass.

No.217 : Anonymous Stalker [09/07/06(Mon)08:22] []


bunch of ugly people who think they are the brad pitts of the universe.

srsly, stop the emo eyeliner and myspace camera angles. Makes you look uglier.

No.218 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/07/06(Mon)08:36] []

Sure thing Mr.Oz. Is there anything else you want to add before I ban you? :3

No.219 : Anonymous Stalker [09/07/06(Mon)08:39] []


ooh, so you ban every person who speaks the truth?

A true man is not afraid of criticism, ha.

go on, make yourself look bad. : )

No.221 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/07/06(Mon)08:56] []

Nah. I'm not claiming to be anything special. I'm glad you decided to stop by on my board, keeping me grounded in reality. I forgot for a bit that I wasn't attractive at all. Thanks for reminding me :3 I'll have to try this no "emo eyeliner" and "myspace angles" thing you speak of.
Me banning you is about as pointless as you posting on my board to begin with. So it all evens out. Cheers~

No.222 : Anonymous Stalker [09/07/07(Tue)04:18] []

Say whatever you want.
Anyone, go for it.
Because I don't care.
He's the most beautiful man I've laid eyes on.
And he's mine.
So go be jealous somewhere else.
kthxbai. <3

No.241 : Anonymous Stalker [09/07/21(Tue)07:54] []

Did you type that up to make yourself feel better?
You could have at least made up a name instead of just leaving it Anonymous. How pathetic

No.242 : NinjaPanda [09/07/22(Wed)13:49] []

And yet who's the douche who's anonymous?

No.243 : Princess-kun #IiWQj2Bppc [09/07/22(Wed)19:35] []

>>241 That's his boyfriend you Tosser. Notice how I said 'tosser' with a capital 'T'. That's because it's your name.

No.259 : Anonymous Stalker [09/08/12(Wed)10:16] []

Learn how 2 use eyeliner.

No.260 : Anonymous Stalker [09/08/12(Wed)15:10] []

if you can use eyeliner,
learn to not be a total faggot.

No.261 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/08/12(Wed)17:41] []

thanks for the advice guys. I'll be sure to add that to my list of failures.

No.262 : NinjaPanda [09/08/12(Wed)18:03] []

learn to read the ip D:

No.263 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/08/12(Wed)20:22] []

I was just playing baby :3

No.268 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/08/21(Fri)23:13] 1250921601929.jpg [GIS] (822058 B, 1536x2048) []
822058 B

OMG I cut my hairs~

No.270 : 2540BE3FF [09/08/22(Sat)05:13] []

Professional Pooru is professional. And neat~

No.271 : NinjaPanda [09/08/23(Sun)19:22] []

I know. Isn't it cute?

No.333 : PooruVonEvil #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/11/05(Thu)09:15] 1257441319213.jpg [GIS] (594506 B, 2048x1536) []
594506 B

I don't work. Ever.

No.381 : PooruVonEvil #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [10/06/17(Thu)04:17] 1276762628650.jpg [GIS] (108846 B, 678x1024) []
108846 B


No.382 : PooruVonEvil #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [10/06/17(Thu)22:49] 1276829382488.jpg [GIS] (124151 B, 678x1024) []
No.391 : PooruVonEvil #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [10/08/13(Fri)02:49] 1281682158712.jpg [GIS] (133140 B, 450x675) []
133140 B


No.394 : PooruVonEvil #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [10/08/29(Sun)12:11] 1283098292840.jpg [GIS] (0 B, 450x966) []
No.400 : PooruVonEvil #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [10/09/09(Thu)13:26] 1284053200157.jpg [GIS] (218512 B, 640x480) []
No.401 : PooruVonEvil #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [10/09/12(Sun)00:05] 1284264326974.jpg [GIS] (142453 B, 640x480) []
142453 B

because I'm a gigantic faggot you must rape my face.

No.402 : PooruVonEvil #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [10/09/19(Sun)23:18] 1284952681471.jpg [GIS] (515389 B, 640x480) []


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