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Archive/Boys is an archive of chansluts' male camwhores who had boards but stopped posting for an extended period of time. Some of these camboys still upload pictures elsewhere (often on Tumblr), while others have stopped camwhoring completely.

Here are some of the camwhores you might find on this board: Dna-kun, Princess-kun, Sissi / Sassio, xeffu.

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No.23 : Sassio #OLAi9VIw7M [09/02/02(Mon)16:57] 1233611857221.jpg [GIS] (36037 B, 906x711) [Reply]
36037 B

This is the Monster, and he will devour your digits.

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No.42 : Sassio #OLAi9VIw7M [09/02/03(Tue)00:41] []

I'm considering changing my sex from Male to Female on my account over at Hot Topic just so it doesn't default to male-only items when I search fo' produk

No.44 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/02/03(Tue)01:00] []

Does anybody (if anybody other than nynnie is reading this) know of a store or site where I could purchase gray nail polish from?

No.50 : Togepi [09/02/03(Tue)16:49] []

>>44 (It's a shimmery gray.)

And for a matte gray, I'd try ManGlaze's Fuggen Ugly:

No.69 : Sassio #OLAi9VIw7M [09/02/04(Wed)00:05] []

Oooh, I like the ZOYA site

No.34 : Sassio #OLAi9VIw7M [09/02/03(Tue)00:24] 1233638692716.jpg [GIS] (1381961 B, 2848x2136) [Reply]
1381961 B

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No.39 : Sassio #OLAi9VIw7M [09/02/03(Tue)00:31] 1233639066952.jpg [GIS] (789860 B, 2048x1536) []
No.40 : Sassio #OLAi9VIw7M [09/02/03(Tue)00:34] 1233639273080.jpg [GIS] (1395677 B, 2848x2136) []
No.41 : Sassio #OLAi9VIw7M [09/02/03(Tue)00:39] 1233639547614.gif [GIS] (2071 B, 493x306) []
No.46 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/02/03(Tue)12:21] 1233681678879.jpg [GIS] (814899 B, 2048x1536) []

No.1 : nyaaaaannnniiiiieeeee #d24hm37my6 [09/02/01(Sun)22:17] 1233544679024.jpg [GIS] (121743 B, 500x375) [Reply]
121743 B


No.31 : Sassio #OLAi9VIw7M [09/02/02(Mon)21:49] []

Is this an LGBT cupcake for me? :3

No.19 : Pooru ##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/01(Sun)23:15] 1233548124551.jpg [GIS] (297952 B, 1024x768) [Reply]
297952 B


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No.27 : Sassio #OLAi9VIw7M [09/02/02(Mon)21:41] 1233628889401.png [GIS] (8272 B, 640x640) []
8272 B

This is nynnie, as requested by the foodthing itself.

No.165 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/03/11(Wed)00:12] 1236744745779.png [GIS] (20430 B, 1202x850) []
20430 B

dicks for nynnie
it is currently a work-in-progress

No.205 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/06/29(Mon)21:33] 1246336415453.jpg [GIS] (25769 B, 400x300) []
No.214 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/07/15(Wed)22:49] 1247723376668.jpg [GIS] (54233 B, 664x1125) []


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