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File: 1400958877005.jpg (35682 B, 415x816) [ GIS ]
No.3096 [Reply]
2014-05-24 15:14
35682 B

Anyone got dirty pics of her?

19 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

File: 1403117056445.jpg (190753 B, 1280x960) [ GIS ]
No.3137 [Permalink]
2014-06-18 14:44
190753 B


No.3270 [Permalink]
2014-10-28 16:28

anyone have her naked gifs or late 2013 nudes? Most of the rars were from late 2012 early 2013 and she posted waaaay more nudes at the end of 2013.

No.3274 [Permalink]
2014-10-30 04:30

I don't know where to find her more recent photos, but I did go to school with her. I'm sure I can acquire some new ones.

No.3275 [Permalink]
2014-10-30 04:32

Can anyone provide a link for her .rars?

File: 1411296316799.png (240270 B, 638x477) [ GIS ]
No.3235 [Reply]
2014-09-21 06:45
240270 B

looking for any starwarz pics/vids.

File: 1414584722479.jpg (38293 B, 640x480) [ GIS ]
No.3271 [Reply]
2014-10-29 08:12
38293 B

I need help identifying a sex cam model by the name of Heathyr Hoffman. She was on a SyFy channel reality television show in 2009 called "ghost hunters academy" she is a very minor reality television celebrity. Recently I learned that she has done outright pornography and I am searching for her works. So far I've only been able to find a few softcore photos.

A little birdie recently told me that she does sex cam modeling work for a website that's name was not specified to me. Her cam model username was also not given to me for "contractual/confidentiality reasons".

But with the extremely little information that was provided to me, finding her would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

My research has led me to believe that she might possibly be on this website, that would be a great place to start looking!

Comment too long. Click here for full text.

File: 1363562938048.jpg (215991 B, 768x1024) [ GIS ]
No.2524 [Reply]
215991 B

/r/ing more of this girl. pippy from /soc/

2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.2937 [Permalink]


She has a vid fucking superboy and did tons of pics on /soc/

No.2973 [Permalink]

want so bad

No.2983 [Permalink]

want so baddd
anyone got the hc vid she did?

No.2984 [Permalink]

Holy fuck that body is to die for. Any posters for her stuff?

File: 1377014189079.jpg (41912 B, 648x491) [ GIS ]
No.2764 [Reply]
41912 B

looking for any topless vids of this beauty

No.3268 [Permalink]
2014-10-26 07:10

sorry bud, no such thing exists

File: 1414318868818.jpg (40113 B, 540x720) [ GIS ]
No.3267 [Reply]
2014-10-26 06:21
40113 B

does anyone know who this is

File: 1318571329051.jpg (876255 B, 2048x1536) [ GIS ]
No.112 [Reply]
876255 B

does anyone know who this is or where I can get the rest?

25 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.2701 [Permalink]

Found her on Facebook, here is your free access hackers, if you don't believe its her then look at the profile picture and whats behind her, a.k.a the wall, its the same in every other picture here.

Enter facebook then user and this name /nadia.wilson.338

File: 1382484732037.jpg (41591 B, 720x540) [ GIS ]
No.2842 [Permalink]
41591 B

The set on /rs/ is quite old.
I need a more rare collection.
I know there is a set somewhere.

No.2941 [Permalink]

Hook a nigga up with some nadia wilson pictures

No.3215 [Permalink]
2014-09-12 06:34


Anyone still have this? It doesn't work anymore.

File: 1388185292555.jpg (259138 B, 467x750) [ GIS ]
No.2938 [Reply]
259138 B

Does anyone lurk /soc/ a lot or have lurked /soc/ a lot? I've saved a lot of camwhores and I have random wins from chicks but I'm looking for a certain few etc. Pic related I guess. Can also oblige any requests if anyone wants anything specific

13 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.3162 [Permalink]
2014-07-22 12:14

can someone re-up the phoenix .rar?

No.3163 [Permalink]
2014-07-24 10:50

I'm interested in more of her.

No.3240 [Permalink]
2014-09-24 22:17


this chick got nudes?

No.3265 [Permalink]
2014-10-22 21:30

A rose rar would be nice

File: 1362888670991.jpg (222192 B, 960x1280) [ GIS ]
No.2454 [Reply]
222192 B

There is anyone who still have the nii_nii/niinii/nii-chan/divdiv videos and can reupload them?
The 9gb pack with 40-50 hours died with megaupload

45 posts and 19 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.3094 [Permalink]
2014-05-20 06:30


No.3127 [Permalink]
2014-06-16 01:18

went through some archives, i have what was on chansluts from 2010. If anyone wants this please let me know.

No.3141 [Permalink]
2014-06-26 10:07

Yes please! That would be marvellous!

No.3165 [Permalink]
2014-07-28 22:47

If this could be upped somehow, there's people thankful. Me and a lot of others.

File: 1408919958398.jpg (1494605 B, 1200x1200) [ GIS ]
No.3181 [Reply]
2014-08-24 18:39
1494605 B

Hi, I'm searching all her pics and vids. :)

6 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

File: 1412761682260.jpg (1407580 B, 3500x1199) [ GIS ]
No.3257 [Permalink]
2014-10-08 05:48
1407580 B

File: 1412761722147.jpg (356561 B, 1200x600) [ GIS ]
No.3258 [Permalink]
2014-10-08 05:48
356561 B


File: 1412761742133.jpg (63702 B, 473x632) [ GIS ]
No.3259 [Permalink]
2014-10-08 05:49
63702 B

File: 1412761767681.jpg (472760 B, 1999x960) [ GIS ]
No.3260 [Permalink]
2014-10-08 05:49
472760 B

File: 1413732957396.jpg (66584 B, 640x426) [ GIS ]
No.3264 [Reply]
2014-10-19 11:35
66584 B

Anybody have more of this girl? She posted on /soc/ in legwear threads, iirc. She went by the name of Poppyflower. But can't find anything else on her.

File: 1354012620192.png (248987 B, 640x360) [ GIS ]
No.2068 [Reply]
248987 B

Looking for more of this /soc/ poster.

9 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

File: 1361820487634.png (215447 B, 640x400) [ GIS ]
No.2417 [Permalink]
215447 B

Last I've got. She disappeared a while ago, so I don't think I'll be getting more, either. Enjoy!

No.2525 [Permalink]

Oh damn. Well thank you very much anyway!

File: 1412787035860.jpg (151982 B, 1680x1050) [ GIS ]
No.3261 [Permalink]
2014-10-08 12:50
151982 B

here's one more

No.3263 [Permalink]
2014-10-18 04:47

Too bad the quality is poor but thanks for contributing. I know she took pictures often so it's odd that nothing has been dumped yet.

File: 1412839534868.jpg (653704 B, 1100x825) [ GIS ]
No.3262 [Reply]
2014-10-09 03:25
653704 B

Does anybody have all of Togepis pictures? I'd love to download them I know she has like 3-400 but I'd be greatful for the pictures

File: 1404072412826.jpg (11604 B, 404x444) [ GIS ]
No.3143 [Reply]
2014-06-29 16:06
11604 B

I've got a pretty big collection of Puddlewonderful:

I'm missing any of her masturbation videos and screencaps from icanhazchat - does anyone have more?

No.3172 [Permalink]
2014-08-08 22:04


No.3251 [Permalink]
2014-10-05 12:42

File: 1394090251123.jpg (45589 B, 338x600) [ GIS ]
No.3016 [Reply]
45589 B

Looking for sets of gardenchan / derriciouschan

No.3022 [Permalink]

Does anyone even remember her?

No.3250 [Permalink]
2014-10-04 16:11

When did she use to post?

File: 1328217079248.jpg (630092 B, 1200x1600) [ GIS ]
No.705 [Reply]
630092 B

I know there are more of her
Help find the set

58 posts and 47 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.2223 [Permalink]

bump for interest

No.2403 [Permalink]

what is her name????

No.2663 [Permalink]


File: 1382064468652.jpg (340473 B, 1632x1224) [ GIS ]
No.2835 [Permalink]
340473 B

into writing my erotic blog, age/roleplay, chat/cam, sharing experiences, taboo/forbidden.

File: 1365528108501.jpg (431230 B, 1600x1200) [ GIS ]
No.2611 [Reply]
431230 B

Rose from /soc
Any rars please?

16 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

File: 1405265660285.jpg (1637303 B, 1963x2000) [ GIS ]
No.3151 [Permalink]
2014-07-13 11:34
1637303 B
No.3155 [Permalink]
2014-07-16 01:34

bump found a video mirrorcreator . com /files/ Z1LWE3A0
still looking if anyone have more of her please.

No.3216 [Permalink]
2014-09-12 20:13

Bump for content

File: 1411931921754.jpg (625181 B, 2048x1536) [ GIS ]
No.3246 [Permalink]
2014-09-28 15:18
625181 B

File: 1352596931421.jpg (98215 B, 640x480) [ GIS ]
No.2016 [Reply]
98215 B


6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.2289 [Permalink]

motherless do com/GMEC98A1A

No.3185 [Permalink]
2014-08-24 23:39

that's darbygash
got a bunch of reddit albums and youtube videos

No.3192 [Permalink]
2014-08-29 05:29


i am very, very intereseted

No.3241 [Permalink]
2014-09-25 19:50

just remembered about this
here's what I have
pw chansluts

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