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File: 1230080204270.jpg (37119 B, 640x480) [ GIS ]
37119 B

My hair has grown out. And I am snowed in. And GTFO, NOT YOUR MYSPACE, ETC ETC

No.597 [Permalink]

oh ya its -25 and snow 2 feet high outside my place right now and I just had 3 cups of pot tea.

No.598 [Permalink]

Lucky...I wish I could smoke at my parents' place. Home for the holidays, food everywhere, a warm fire and two kickass puppies---a bowl would fit in nicely.

No.601 [Permalink]

Merry whatever you celebrate!

No.602 [Permalink]

Sucks here in NY =/

You're the sexiest azn cam person I've ever seen, I'm so happy you post.

And I think I love your implied drug habits.

File: 1230356977537.jpg (47237 B, 640x480) [ GIS ]
No.603 [Permalink]
47237 B

there was a girl on 4chan pretending to be you last night...

same style of photos and she was taking shrooms.

attaching a picture of what she posted

No.605 [Permalink]

It was definitely me, dahhling.

No.606 [Permalink]

Any chance of you putting those pictures here, please?? >_>

No.607 [Permalink]

i think i saw that thread, some time around midnight

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