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No.512 : Anonymous Stalker [09/10/07(Wed)04:49] 1254916185812.jpg [GIS] (54398 B, 541x400) [Reply]
54398 B

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No.609 : Anonymous [10/12/06(Mon)12:38] []

this is horrific. i approve.

No.610 : Anonymous [10/12/06(Mon)14:01] []

Double horror, double approve.

No.622 : Hoodie #eHg13QwJnI [11/02/28(Mon)19:46] 1298940387675.jpg [GIS] (2768 B, 126x97) []
2768 B

omg. what the hell is is?

No.646 : Anonymous Stalker [12/09/18(Tue)02:49] []

>>606 lol i miss aki :(

No.639 : deb [12/06/02(Sat)20:09] 1338682140207.jpg [GIS] (0 B, 800x600) [Reply]

No.638 : anon [12/06/01(Fri)21:39] 1338601144585.jpg [GIS] (22713 B, 252x550) [Reply]

No.637 : anon [12/06/01(Fri)21:38] 1338601113673.jpg [GIS] (9267 B, 512x307) [Reply]

No.636 : anon [12/06/01(Fri)21:37] 1338601064374.jpg [GIS] (16483 B, 341x416) [Reply]

No.635 : metalanon [12/04/10(Tue)04:53] 1334048032303.jpg [GIS] (328053 B, 912x1632) [Reply]
328053 B
>331 i would let her treat me the way her daddy treated her ....

No.634 : Anonymous Stalker [12/03/30(Fri)15:01] 1333134063149.jpg [GIS] (180610 B, 751x400) [Reply]

No.633 : #EoFJjFcCco [12/02/28(Tue)22:46] 1330487208420.png [GIS] (51781 B, 320x240) [Reply]
51781 B

Can't lie, I'm pretty shocked this board's still here.

No.629 : Anonymous [11/10/02(Sun)17:29] 1317576568009.jpg [GIS] (10933 B, 115x251) [Reply]
No.630 : Anonymous [11/10/02(Sun)21:23] []

is this the worst spam on the planet or ...?

No.516 : Hoodie #eHg13QwJnI [09/10/11(Sun)12:10] 1255288208057.jpg [GIS] (102213 B, 1023x1314) [Reply]
102213 B

lost it

No.517 : Anonymous Stalker [09/10/22(Thu)06:03] 1256216623175.jpg [GIS] (61852 B, 500x500) []
No.628 : Hoodie #eHg13QwJnI [11/02/28(Mon)19:55] 1298940930430.jpg [GIS] (1938 B, 127x84) []

No.626 : Hoodie #eHg13QwJnI [11/02/28(Mon)19:51] 1298940700950.jpg [GIS] (82150 B, 1198x375) [Reply]
82150 B


No.627 : Hoodie #eHg13QwJnI [11/02/28(Mon)19:53] 1298940814354.png [GIS] (226905 B, 1007x434) []
226905 B

my favo.

No.359 : HamburglingHoody #eHg13QwJnI [09/05/21(Thu)18:43] 1242945790909.jpg [GIS] (7667 B, 240x251) [Reply]
7667 B

u better have that report on my desk soon bones

No.371 : HamburglingHoodie #eHg13QwJnI [09/06/19(Fri)21:52] []

where the fuck is that report bones?

No.380 : Anonymous Stalker [09/06/29(Mon)18:30] []

my rabbit ate it

No.620 : Anonymous [11/02/16(Wed)04:49] 1297849791521.jpg [GIS] (48288 B, 540x540) []
No.625 : Hoodie #eHg13QwJnI [11/02/28(Mon)19:50] 1298940646407.jpg [GIS] (4508 B, 126x126) []
4508 B

i still want that report bones

No.624 : Hoodie #eHg13QwJnI [11/02/28(Mon)19:49] 1298940544071.jpg [GIS] (173974 B, 780x624) [Reply]
173974 B

pic related

No.621 : Anonymous [11/02/19(Sat)04:28] 1298107686175.jpg [GIS] (145622 B, 576x1024) [Reply]
145622 B

my sex face

No.623 : Hoodie #eHg13QwJnI [11/02/28(Mon)19:47] 1298940439300.jpg [GIS] (2503 B, 112x126) []
2503 B


No.464 : Hoodie #eHg13QwJnI [09/08/21(Fri)19:24] 1250907868910.jpg [GIS] (43289 B, 650x435) [Reply]
43289 B

im pissed off dammit

No.465 : Hoodie #eHg13QwJnI [09/08/21(Fri)19:24] []

i dont have a smoking piece :(

No.500 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/15(Tue)13:48] 1253047737143.jpg [GIS] (27731 B, 372x231) []
No.619 : Anonymous [11/02/16(Wed)04:44] 1297849440906.jpg [GIS] (25390 B, 425x301) []
25390 B

Well, like, fuck your bad vibes bro.

No.521 : hoodie #eHg13QwJnI [09/11/01(Sun)10:08] 1257098933592.jpg [GIS] (136210 B, 700x358) [Reply]
136210 B


No.618 : Anonymous [11/02/16(Wed)04:41] 1297849263115.jpg [GIS] (278913 B, 640x453) []
278913 B


No.538 : hoodie #eHg13QwJnI [09/11/28(Sat)11:45] 1259437537994.jpg [GIS] (1478 B, 64x64) [Reply]
1478 B

Hey guise/, I have a very serious problem. I'm fucking crying because of how stupid I am.

Okay, so my girlfriend was supposed to come over to my house today because I was going to go take her to a movie. She lives about 20 minutes away, and the movie we were supposed to see started at 4:15, which was in about 40 minutes. I figured "cool, I'll just play Pokemon while I wait".

So I'm playing Pokemon, and having a pretty damn good time. Anyway, she finally does show up, except she's crying as she walks into my room. Instead of doing the right thing by comforting her, I half-focus on my game and her. She starts telling me her cat died and something about her getting F's in school, and just as she was getting into it, I get into a random encounter in my game.

A shiny pidgey. Holy shit. (For those of you who don't know/care, shiny Pokemon have less than a 1/1,000 chance of appearing; 1/8192 to be exact.). I stare into my screen in amazement, yelling "holy shit, YES", interrupting her mid-story. She sobs more, and she starts to yell "You don't even fucking care! YOU JUST WANT TO PLAY YOUR FUCKING GAME!" I'm still looking at my screen, still focusing on catching my shiny Pidgey, when she walks over, and tosses the game against the wall. I run over and pick up my DS hoping that nothing has changed on screen, and quickly noticed that she broke it. My system and my shiny Pidgey, gone forever.

Comment too long. Click here for full text.

No.539 : hoodie #eHg13QwJnI [09/11/28(Sat)11:47] []

lol i found that and fucking fell off my chair. i had my Emulater running and i was playing Pokemon FireRed.
these past few days have been quite eventfull :P :)

No.559 : Anonymous [10/02/05(Fri)08:20] []


invent story about evil twin.

No.617 : Anonymous [11/02/16(Wed)04:33] 1297848833195.gif [GIS] (1034396 B, 300x169) []
1034396 B

an hero

No.596 : Lies [10/11/10(Wed)05:54] 1289386450156.jpg [GIS] (84198 B, 640x480) [Reply]
84198 B

who is dis?

No.599 : hoodie #eHg13QwJnI [10/11/26(Fri)17:00] []

IMO: a fkn idiot

No.616 : Anonymous [11/02/16(Wed)04:24] 1297848297018.png [GIS] (42137 B, 420x420) []


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